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Guess The Fun

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Guess The Fun

guessthefun is another livejournal gaming community, but with a difference. moviephiles is movie related and guessthemug is celebrity related, but both these communities have games posted by the moderator of the community.
Along with a series of games run by tiny_clanger, you the member can post your own games to challenge your friends and fellow livejournal users.

The games can be any guess type game. Guess The Movie, Guess The Celebrity, Guess The Item, Guess The Ass even Guess The Pornstar if you want. It really doesn't matter.

Guess The Fun Team

Community Owner: dorwrath
Community Moderator:tiny_clanger


1)If you post a game You are responsible for posting the games and the results.
2)Do not post answers in the comments, in other words do not spoil the fun for the rest of us.
3)No flaming or attacking other members for what they post. If you find it offensive please contact the admin.
4)If you post games adult related games, please post behind a cut, with a warning. Failure to do so will result in the post being deleted.
5)Rules of each game is per the person posting it.
6)If you post a game, you must acompany the game with a poll..

If you like this sort of game then come and join guessthefun's sister communities; guessthemug and moviephiles.